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Stop by the library throughout the month for your FREE STEAM TO GO Kit geared for students in grades 1-6 while supplies last.  May features a "Landfill in a Bag".

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Learn the importance of the 3Rs by observing your own mini landfill!

  • Ziploc Bag

  • Garbage (variety of kitchen scraps, plastic, other items)

  • Dirt

  • Water


  • Place your garbage in the plastic bag

  • Fill the bag at least half way with dirt from the outdoors. (Store-bought soil may not have the live organisms that help break down waste.)

  • Add enough water to dampen the dirt

  • Seal the bag and place in a dark, warm location.

  • Observe several times a week for the next few weeks.

What's Happening: 

The average person throws away over 3 pounds of trash each day.  Some of this trash decomposes and becomes part of the soil. Other trash takes up space in landfills for many years.

Organic waste includes items such as food and paper.  These items decompose relatively fast. However, many kinds of plastics can take a long time (even lifetimes!) to decompose.

Take It Further:

Take note of the items that did not decompose after several weeks. By REDUCING, REUSING, and RECYCLING, you can help keep these items out of landfills.

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Lean how seeds germinate by starting radish seeds in a wearable greenhouse!


  • 3-4 Radish Seeds

  • Small Plastic Bag

  • 1 Cotton Ball

  • Yarn or Tape

  • Water


  • Lightly dampen the cotton ball with water.

  • Place radish seeds onto the cotton ball and place into the bag.

  • Seal the bag.  Thread the yarn through the hole at the top and wear as a necklace.  OR Tape the packet to a sunny window.

  • Observe the seeds over the next week.  Once germination occurs, you may plant the seeds in soil so they can continue to grow.

What's Happening: 

Germination is the process of a plant emerging from a seed and beginning to grow.  Seeds need water, oxygen, and the right temperature to germinate.  The greenhouse you made creates the perfect combination of these!

Take It Further:

Set aside extra seeds and compare them to the ones in your greenhouse.  You may also attempt different growing conditions (example: place the seed in a cup of water or in a dark room) and compare.

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We're celebrating Dr. Seuss's birthday throughout the month and having fun with balloons!


  • Balloons

  • Wooden Skewers (at least 8" long)

  • Thick dish liquid or cooking oil

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Create a treat for the birds and join in this month's Citizen Science Fun!

We're VERY excited to be part of the Beaver County Library System's Backyard Bird Count!  Stop by the library for the materials needed to create TWO bird feeders.

Please visit

for complete details.

Check out the Merlin Bird app to help you identify your feathered visitors:

Show off your bird feeders and birds!  Submit photos to to be added to our GALLERY.

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Learn how frost is created and explore water in 3 states of matter.


  • STEAM Kit (includes: small plastic cup, rock salt, spoon)

  • Ice

  • Water

  • Paper Towel or Tray

Step by Step Instructions (PDF)

Show off your results!  Submit photos to to be added to our GALLERY.

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