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The Fryday Garden

Come explore this lovely garden surrounding Carol Fryday's magnificent brick colonial home on Wilson Ave in Beaver, PA!


The O'Leary Garden

Raelynn O'Leary's garden on Second Street in Beaver, PA can be summed up in one word: scrumptious. She has created a beautiful ecosystem in her garden, full of fresh fruits and vegetables that puts the produce section of a grocery store to shame.


The Erzen Garden

If you're looking for an immaculate garden, look no further than Corporation Street in Beaver, PA, where Trish Erzan keeps everything looking pristine!


The Grivna Garden

Peaceful, gorgeous, spectacular; there are too many adjectives to describe Grivna's garden off of Tusca Rd. in Brighton Twp., and none fully capture the beauty of it.  The dedication to their garden is matched by their wonderful hospitality.